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Driving (immersion) of sheet piles

When performing excavation work in cramped conditions, with a high level of groundwater or in loosely cohesive soils, it is necessary to perform work to strengthen the walls of pits and trenches to prevent their collapse. These works are carried out by driving into the ground Larsen4,5,6 or other types of sheet piles, I-beams, channels, pipes or by sheet piling.

The sheet piles are driven by vibratory driving using modern Muller equipment based on excavators.

Depth of piling can reach 20 meters.

Sheet driving can be carried out both vertically and with predetermined angles of inclination. It is also possible to perform work in a limited space (under bridges, power lines, indoors, etc.). To increase the strength of the walls, spacer beams and pile systems are used.

Main technological steps:
  • Pile driving
  • Digging a pit to a design mark
  • Performing construction work in the excavation
  • Backfilling of pits and sinuses
  • Pile extraction
Pile driving is used for:
  • Strengthening the walls of trenches and pits
  • Arrangement of external walls of berths
  • Strengthening the banks of reservoirs and canals
  • Creating supports for bridges
  • Construction of retaining walls
LLC MBK performs sheet piling works by using as the Customer's sheet piles or own inventory sheet piles Larson produced by Tissen Krupp.